12 week programme 

To personalise your notifications within your 12 week programme, head to the 'Settings' page within the OurPath app.

Under the sub heading 'Notifications' you can enable/disable the below notification options:

Chat notifications: swipe the bar to green to enable chat notifications from your main Group and Private chat channels.

Weight notifications: swipe the bar to green to enable your weight notifications. Notifications such as,  "You've just weighed in", "You're x% towards your goal".

Goal notifications:  swipe the bar to green to enable goal notifications. This will enable notifications when you have reached a goal or milestone!

Reminder notifications: swipe the bar to green to enable reminder notifications. These include reminders about a new sustain course article being unlocked and weigh-in reminders.


To customise your Sustain community notifications you need to access the Sustain Community through the 'Chat' section of the OurPath app.

Once in the Sustain Community, click on any of your 'Clubs', within the club is a small 'More' button in the top right hand corner. Click on this and then click on 'Notification Settings'. 

You then have the below three notification options:

1.  When anyone posts a new conversation- receive a notification when someone in the club posts a new conversation.

2. When a mentor posts a new conversation- get notified when a mentor writes in the club.

3. When there is a new comment on a post made by me- receive a notification when someone comments on your post.

Note: you can personalise the notification settings for each of the clubs you are a member of following these instructions.

How do I know if I have received a notification?

If you have a notification within the Chat section of the app, a small red dot will appear on the chat icon. Another dot will then appear on the relevant channel that you have received a notification with in, either Group, Private chat or both. 

If you have a notification with the Sustain community a small dot will appear besides the 'Sustain Community' bar within the 'Chat' page of the app. Click through to the Sustain community and an orange dot will appear within the Club the new notification is in.

Within Sustain, on the main Community page, there is also a notifications feed so you can see an overview of any new notifications within the Sustain community. 

For any further queries or concerns please send a message to [email protected].

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