Your OurPath activity tracker is designed to measure your steps throughout the day and sleep throughout the night.

Step tracking

The tracker records steps through the swinging motion of the arm when walking. 

What if I do a lot of exercise but it's not all walking?

If you do a lot of exercise but the motion is not detected because you are doing another form of activity other than walking, you can convert this exercise into steps by viewing our conversion table:

Sleep tracking

The tracker measures sleep duration by measuring your movement during the night. When your body is at rest/ unmoving your tracker will register this as sleep. If you are particularly restless during the night, for example, moving from a restful position to one involving greater movement, such as turning over, the tracker will pick up on this movement and register it as restless sleep.

When your device indicates that you are moving so much that restful sleep would not be possible, your sleep graph will indicate that you were awake.

Sleep tracking always happens during the night. If you sleep during the day, this will not be registered as sleep. 

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