So you have completed the 12 week programme and want to do it again (it was that good!). 

You have a couple of options as to which programme you can to restart on, this is completely up to you based on the level of personal mentor support and group interaction you want. 

Option 1: Restarting the 12 week programme

If you are coming to the end of your 12 weeks, are part way through the 12 weeks or have completed the 12 week programme at some stage previously, you can re-do the programme from the start.

This would mean you would restart in a new group on the start date of your choice. You can also request to be in a group with your previous mentor.

If you have previously completed the tech programme and already have the scales and tracker, you can restart the programme from the beginning on a no-tech subscription, which would only be £30/month for 3 months. If you were previously on the no-tech programme the cost of restarting is £30/month for 3 months.

Option 2:  Restarting OurPath on Sustain

If you have completed the 12 week programme, but have since cancelled but do not fancy doing the 12 week programme again you can join us back on the Sustain programme. 

This option is £10/ month on a rolling basis. You can find out more about the Sustain programme here

Option 3: Restarting OurPath on Sustain+

If you are interested in the Sustain programme but still want the personal support of a mentor then the Sustain+ programme is right for you. 

This option gives you access to the Sustain community and a personal mentor who you can chat to via private chat in the app. 

This option is £30/month on a rolling basis.

If you would like to restart any stage of the programme, please contact [email protected] and we can get this set up on your account. 

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