What is Sustain?

The next chapter of your journey with OurPath is called Sustain. The goal of any healthy lifestyle change is to sustain your positive changes in the long term. 

As part of Sustain, you will receive:

  • New and exclusive recipes 
  • Access to our Sustain courses. These are 4-week structured courses designed to expand on topics that you learnt throughout the initial 12-week programme. You can choose in which order you would like to do these courses. Some example topics include ‘exercise’, ‘mindset’ and ‘motivation’. Within each course, you will receive 3 articles a week plus a weekly goal/challenge. You will also have access to a course specific club (e.g. the ‘exercise’ club) so you can chat with other members who are doing the same course as you. These clubs will be facilitated by a mentor who specialises in that area.   
  • Continued support from mentors and your peers within the Sustain community in the app 
  • Continued access to the tracking features of the app and tech (if you are on the ‘tech’ programme)

Can I still access the daily learning articles?

Yes, you’ll still be able to access all the articles from the 12-week programme in the Toolbox section of the app.  

Can I still chat with my mentor?

You’ll receive support from mentors within the Sustain community and course clubs, but private chat with your mentor will no longer be automatically available on Sustain. 

If you would like to continue to access private support from your mentor, you can do this on Sustain for £30 / month. If you’d like this option, just let your mentor know!

Can I still chat with my group?

Yes, your group chat will still be available on Sustain, but your mentor will no longer be in the group. This means you can continue to connect with your peers from the core programme if you would like to. If you have concerns about any of the messages in the group chat, you can report this to OurPath by clicking on the message. 

What’s the difference between getting ‘private support’ on Sustain and re-doing the 12-week programme?

With private support on Sustain, you can continue to chat with your mentor one-on-one for more personalised support. You will also have access to the other benefits of Sustain, including the Sustain courses and clubs, Sustain community and new recipes.  

If you feel you might benefit from having the structure of the 12-week programme, you can also choose to restart. You’ll join a new group (either with your current mentor or a new one - this is up to you!) and will go through the structured 12-week programme again, starting with a 5-day Reset. The daily learning content over the 12 weeks will be the same.

Can I still track my progress?

Yes, you can continue to track your progress in the same way as before. If you have the OurPath scales and tracker or are using Apple Health or Google Fit, your weight and steps data will continue to sync with the app automatically. If you were adding your weight and steps in manually, you can continue to do this. 

How much does Sustain cost?

There’s a small cost associated with Sustain to allow us to fund the ongoing group support. The cost is a tenth of the 3 month programme at around £2.50 per week (billed as £9.99 / month).

If you would like to continue to access private support from your mentor, you can do this on Sustain for £30 / month. If you’d like this option, just let your mentor know!

How do I join Sustain?

You don’t need to do anything! You'll automatically transition to Sustain.

I don’t want to continue to Sustain - what do I do?

We’re sorry to see you go! Please send an email to [email protected] so we can process your cancellation. 

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