Information to help you navigate the OurPath app ready for your start date.

Navigation bar overview

At the bottom of the app you will find the navigation bar, with 5 icons, Home, Track, Chat, Toolbox and Settings. Each icon directs you to a different section of the app.

Home: an overview of your goals, progress and group!
Track: check in on your weight loss progress and activity data
Chat: access your group and private mentor chats
Toolbox: access all your learning articles, Sustain course or enter a food diary or search for a recipe!
Settings: amend your settings to customise your account.


Here you can access your weight, step and sleep tracking data (sleep being for tech package users only). You can toggle between these at the top of the page.


On the weight page you can view your weight progress in a line graph format to help you visualise your progress over the course of the 3 month programme and beyond. You can also view your progress in summary format at the bottom of the page.

If you're on the no-tech programme, your graph will initially appear as this:

On this page you can 'Add weight manually' and remove any weight readings that are not required (If you do not have the option to add weight manually please contact [email protected] and we can activate this for you).

Adding weight manually

You can add weight manually to the app by going to the 'Track' page on the app. Once on the 'Track' page, select the 'weight' heading and then 'Add weight manually'. From here you can then input the weight reading the date it was recorded. Then select 'Confirm' and 'Add' to add the reading. 

Removing weight readings

To remove weight readings from your account click 'View all data' on the weight tracking screen. This will display all your current weight readings. On the reading you wish to remove, swipe from right to left. A red 'Delete' button will show up, click on this to remove the reading.


You can access the step page within the 'Track' section next to 'Weight'. Here you can manually enter and delete step readings following the same instructions for manually adding and deleting weight readings.

Adding steps manually

To enter steps manually, go to the 'Track' page on the app. Once on the 'Track' page, select the 'Steps' heading and then 'Add steps manually'. From here you can then input the number of steps and the date they were recorded. Then select 'Confirm' and 'Add' to add the steps.


To access the 'Chat' section of the app, click the small chat bubble icon on the bottom navigation bar within the app. Here you can access your 'Group chat', 'Private chat' with your mentor and access the 'Speak to tech support' if you need any help from our support team. 


The next icon along on the main navigation bar is the 'Toolbox' section. 

The Toolbox contains access to your daily or weekly learning articles, Sustain courses (for members on Sustain) recipes and your food diary.


The last icon on the app navigation bar is your app 'Settings'. This page allows you to customise certain elements of the app to suit your preferences. 

Here you can:

  • Check the version of the app you are on- this is important when it comes to app updates to ensure you are experiencing new features and improvements!
  • Read our FAQs- like this one!
  • Speak to customer support
  • Select your preferred weight units to view across the app
  • Amend your weigh in reminders to the days you wish to weigh in on
  • Check your Apple Health or Google Fit settings
  • Manage your devices to pair your scales and/or activity tracker
  • Manage your OurPath notifications
  • Read our T&Cs and Privacy policy

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