Your goal weight will have been set with the information you provided us with while signing up. If you wish this to be amended, simply get in touch with your mentor by going to the 'Chat' page on the app and selecting 'Private chat'. 

Once you reach your goal weight, you will be able to reset it. The app will take you through the necessary steps. 

You will be able to either set a new weight loss goal or set a goal to maintain you weight.

If you are happy with the weight you have reached and would like to focus on maintaining that weight, you can select 'Maintain weight'. The app will then give you a weight range within which you can aim to stay. You will always be able to set a new weight loss.

If you wish to select a new weight loss goal, you can select 'Set a new goal' on your Home screen. This will lead you to several options.

You will first be able to set a 'Modest', 'Medium', or 'Ambitious' weight loss goal. After selecting one of the three you can either tweak your goal or continue by selecting 'Next'. 

Once you've selected your goal, you will be prompted to choose whether you would like to leave it as one big goal, or whether you would like to break it down into milestones. 

After selecting one of the two options, you will have the chance to view how your progress bar would appear and to confirm by selecting 'Set goal'. 

See below the option of breaking your goal down into milestones. One confirmed, the progress bar will appear accordingly on your profile. Should you wish to amend the number of milestones, do not hesitate to get in touch with your mentor. 

Once you have confirmed your new maintain or weight loss goal, a blue dot will also appear on your profile to mark your previous weight loss achievements. 

Note: No blue dots will be added to your profile for reaching individual milestones.

Note: A blue dot will only appear if you set your weight loss goal yourself. If your mentor sets your goal for you, when you reach that goal, you will not have a blue dot. 

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